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Since 1960, Your Process Cooling Advisor

Complete range of solutions, maximum adaptability, performance pre-analysis.

During design phase, we analyze together with you the expected performances of our cooling system. Ask for the remote management service.

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We take responsibility for the success of your project. From the design to the installation.

Probably your goal is to optimize performances and to save water and energy. How to reach this result? Through a complete range of solutions: evaporative, adiabatic. And especially, with a reliable personal consultant.

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Maximum reliability, customized solutions and the strength of an international Group.

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Economic and environmental sustainability starts with a good choice: an accurate selection of the equipment minimizes water and electricity consumptions, with no need of more complex technology.

With MITA Connect we are able to remotely check the most important working parameters of your cooler. Everything is under your control, to obtain the best from your system.

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Evaporative, Adiabatic, Dry

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